Crypto for Palestine

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$CFPAL is the one and only token representing Palestine pride Worldwide.

Our project combines both Charity, Utility, and Community, making it a perfect gem to buy and hold.

Buy the first Palestinian Token to show your Support to Palestine and start Earning Rewards for Holding.

The Story behind the project

Hello 👋

My name is Mahmoud Tamimi (let's connect on LinkedIn ?)

I'm 29 and I am from Jenin, Palestine.

I always wondered what I could do for my country, until I discovered the Blockchain technology and the revolution that could stem from it.

As a Software Engineer, I spent almost 8 years of my life helping private companies implementing this new technology and made a good living out of it.

But at the dawn of my 30th birthday, I decided to use my knowledge for a cause that is way, way beyond us.

This is why I created $CFPAL.

is the core token of the Crypto For Palestine Ecosystem and aims to become more than the "Palestinian Trending Token", through its utility and the goals it will allow to achieve.

Our project is serving 3 main purposes :

- Support the inhabitants of Occupied Palestine through punctual fundings, with a focus on the creation of the Palestinian School of Blockchain by 2023.

- Spread the word about the CFP ecosystem by reinvesting the marketing tax in innovative operations and events : ads, partnerships with engaged artists / sport champions, bringing more investors into our rocket.

- Become the #1 Community Token for Palestinian Supporters. When people will publicly claim their support to Palestine, they will need to show how many $CFPAL tokens they hold !

Hype and... Charity.

We believe this project is a perfect combination of both Charity and Hype, making it a perfect gem to hold.

Each event in Palestine will bring visibility to our projects.

Let's use the media coverage for a good cause, for once.

$CPFAL is not a meme token... is the incarnation of the Palestinian Pride.

$CFPAL will be the first token that will highlight the Palestine Nation all over the World.

Thanks to the Tax Transaction system, we will be able to start the construction of the Palestine School of Blockchain in 2023.


Total supply : 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion)
Circulating supply on launch : 500 000 000 (50%)
2023 unlock : 30% (each quarter)
NFT sales supply : 5% 
(unlock March 30th 2023)
Rewards: 5%
Ecosystem : 5%
Team & Advisors : 5% (to be locked)

0% Tax on Buys
10% Tax on Sells :
4% goes to Donation Wallet
(which will fund the School of Blockchain)

4% goes to Marketing Wallet
(to promote our project worldwide)

1% reflects to all HODLERS as BUSD
(to thank you for hodling)

1% goes to the Liquidity Pool
(to support liquidity and price)


Our Roadmap to put the 🇵🇸 flag on the 🌙

Partners and technology
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Crypto for Palestine

Crypto for Palestine

The Team behind the project

The first True Palestinian Crypto Gem has arrived 👇

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